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The Densain Water plant in Naples

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9–3: Densain Water

The Densain Water plant in Naples, Florida, bottles purified and flavored waters in a variety of sizes (20, 36, 48, and 64 ounces) for sale through vending machines and retail stores. Volume is measured as bottled ounces. The plant’s annual budgeted fixed manufacturing overhead amounts to $1.8 million, and variable manufacturing overhead is projected at $0.005 per bottled ounce. Projected volume in the Naples plant next year is 200 million ounces. Actual volume for the year accumulated to 210 million ounces and total manufacturing overhead incurred (both fixed and variable) was $2.85 million.

a. Calculate the Densian Naples plant overhead rate.
b. How much overhead was absorbed to products in the Naples plant?
c. Calculate the Densian Naples plant’s over- or underabsorbed overhead.
d. Describe the effect on income when the over- or underabsorbed overhead calculated in
(c) is written off to cost of goods sold.

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