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P2-2A Kara Shin is a licensed CPA

Price: $2.50

P2-2A Kara Shin is a licensed CPA. During the first month of operations of her business,
Kara Shin, Inc., the following events and transactions occurred

Kara uses the following chart of accounts: No. 101 Cash, No. 112 Accounts Receivable,
No. 126 Supplies, No. 201 Accounts Payable, No. 209 Unearned Service Revenue, No. 311
Common Stock, No. 400 Service Revenue, No. 726 Salaries and Wages Expense, and
No. 729 Rent Expense.

(a) Journalize the transactions.
(b) Post to the ledger accounts.
(c) Prepare a trial balance on May 31, 2014

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