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BE18-10 Guillen, Inc. began work on a $7,000,000 contract in 2012 to construct an office building. Guillen uses the completed-contract method. At December 31, 2012, the balances in certain accounts were Construction in Process $1,715,000; Accounts Receivable $240,000; and Billings on Construction in Process $1,000,000. Indicate how these accounts would be reported in Guillen’s December 31, 2012, balance sheet.

BE18-13 Lazaro Inc. sells goods on the installment basis and uses the installment-sales method. Due to a customer default, Lazaro repossessed merchandise that was originally sold for $800, resulting in a gross profit rate of 40%. At the time of repossession, the uncollected balance is $520, and the fair value of the repossessed merchandise is $275. Prepare Lazaro’s entry to record the repossession.

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