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BE6-1 BE6-14 BE6-16

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BE6-1 Chris Spear invested $15,000 today in a fund that earns 8% compounded annually. To what amount will the investment grow in 3 years? To what amount would the investment grow in 3 years if the fund earns 8% annual interest compounded semiannually?

BE6-14 Amy Monroe wants to create a fund today that will enable her to withdraw $25,000 per year for 8 years, with the first withdrawal to take place 5 years from today. If the fund earns 8% interest, how much must Amy invest today?

BE6-16 Zach Taylor is settling a $20,000 loan due today by making 6 equal annual payments of $4,727.53. Determine the interest rate on this loan, if the payments begin one year after the loan is signed.

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