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Brooke Seats

Price: $2.50

Consider the following transactions for Brooke's Seats:

a. Incurred and paid Web site expenses, 2200
b. Incurred manufacturing wages of $13,000 70% of which was direct labor and 30%
of which was indirect labor.
c. Purchased materials on account, $14,000
d. Used in production: direct materials, $8,000 indirect materials, $2,500
e. Recorded manufacturing overhead: depreciation on plant, $15,000 plant insurance
$2,000 plant property tax 4,300
f. Allocated manufacturing overhead to jobs, 180% of direct labor costs
g. Completed production, 36,000
h. Sold inventory on account, 22,000 cost of goods sold $14,000
i. Journalized the closing of the manufacturing overhead account.

Requirement 1. Journalize the transactions in Brooke's general journal

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