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Deitz Inc

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Deitz Inc. has three divisions which are operated as profit centers. Actual operating
data for the divisions listed alphabetically are as follows.

Operating Data  Women's Shoes  Men's Shoes  Children's Shoes 
Contribution margin   250,000  (3)  180,000
Controllable fixed costs   100,000  (4)  (5)
Controllable margin   (1)  90,000  95,000
Sales   600,000  450,000  (6)
Variable costs   (2)  320,000  250,000

(a) Compute the missing amounts. Show computations.
(b) Prepare a responsibility report for the Women’s Shoes Division assuming (1) the data
are for the month ended June 30, 2014, and (2) all data equal budget except variable
costs which are $10,000 over budget.

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