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Malone Mixing

Price: $1.99

The Mixing Department manager of Malone Company is able to control all overhead
costs except rent, property taxes, and salaries. Budgeted monthly overhead costs for
the Mixing Department, in alphabetical order, are:

Indirect labor   12,000  Property taxes    1,000
Indirect materials   7,700  Rent    1,800
Lubricants   1,675  Salaries    10,000
Maintenance   3,500  Utilities    5,000

Actual costs incurred for January 2014 are indirect labor $12,250; indirect materials
$10,200; lubricants $1,650; maintenance $3,500; property taxes $1,100; rent $1,800; salaries
$10,000; and utilities $6,400.

Prepare a responsibility report for January 2014.

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