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Sean Eaton

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4-1A Sean Matthews is a waiter at the Duluxe Lounge. In his first weekly pay in March, he earned $150.00 for the 40 hours he worked. In addition, he reports his tips for February to his employer ($500.00), and the employer withholds the appropriate taxes for the tips from this first pay in March. Calculate his net take-home pay assuming the employer withheld federal income tax (wage-bracket, married, 2 allowances), social security taxes, and state income tax (2%).

4-2A Use the $- to compute the federal income taxes to withhold from the wages or salaries of each employee.
Employee No. Employee Name Marital Status No. of Withholding Allowances Gross Wage or Salary
1 Amoroso, A M 4 $1,610 weekly
2 Finley, R. S 0     825 biweekly
3 Gluck, E S 5  9,630 quarterly
4 Quinn, S M 8 925 semimonthly
5 Treave, Y M 3 2,875 monthly

4-4A Eaton Enterprises uses the wage-bracket method to determine federal income tax withholding on its employees. Find the amount to withhold from the wages paid each employee.

Employee Marital Status No. of Withholding Allowances Payroll Period Allowance Values
Hal Bower M 1 Weekly $1,350.00
Ruth Cramden S 1 Weekly 590
Gil Jones S 3 Weekly 675
Teresa Kern M 6 Monthly 4090
Ruby Long M 2 Monthly 2730
Katie Luis M 8 Semimonthly 955
Susan Martin S 1 Daily 96
Jim Singer S 4 Semimonthly 2610
Martin Torres M 4 Monthly 3215

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