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Vista Company Labor

Price: $1.99

Vista Company installed a standard cost system on January 1. Selected transactions
for the month of January are as follows.

1. Purchased 18,000 units of raw materials on account at a cost of $4.50 per unit. Standard
cost was $4.40 per unit.

2. Issued 18,000 units of raw materials for jobs that required 17,500 standard units of raw

3. Incurred 15,300 actual hours of direct labor at an actual rate of $5.00 per hour. The
standard rate is $5.50 per hour. (Credit Factory Wages Payable.)

4. Performed 15,300 hours of direct labor on jobs when standard hours were 15,400.

5. Applied overhead to jobs at the rate of 100% of direct labor cost for standard hours

Journalize the January transactions.

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