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Smith and Jones 120000

Price: $2.50

Smith and Jones is a law firm that serves both individuals and corporations. A
controversy has developed between the partners of the two service lines as to who is contributing
the greater amount to the bottom line. The area of contention is the assignment
of overhead. The individual partners argue for assigning overhead on the basis of 30% of
direct labor dollars, while the corporate partners argue for implementing activity-based
costing. The partners agree to use next year’s budgeted data for purposes of analysis and
comparison. The following overhead data are collected to develop the comparison.

(a) Using traditional product costing, compute the total overhead cost assigned to both
services (individual and corporate) of Smith and Jones.
(b) (1) Using activity-based costing, prepare a schedule showing the computations of the
activity-based overhead rates (per cost driver).
(2) Prepare a schedule assigning each activity’s overhead cost pool to each service
based on the use of the cost drivers.

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